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Total Emptiness

Lets I have a 1 cubic meter Box. now I take everything out from the box even energy. Some one will say you can not take energy out from box. lets say we make it happened. what will remain then. my answer is space . More specific answer is 1 cubic meter space will remain.
if 1 cubic meter space is taken out then We might get total emptiness. Oh! also then the box will also lost it existence.

God is made of

What particle makes God ? the all mighty

Answer is- which makes nothing and thing both.

For better understanding think about a box. If you take everything out from the box even energy what will remain? total emptiness or nothing. Can you think more than 'nothing' ?

So human point of view: the substance or element or whatever you call it make the nothing and thing both also makes god. (GOD is made of it )

Education System, What should be -page3

Do you want to learn about somethings which have no real life use? answer is no.
So it is important to corelate education with real life. He or She knows better the test of an apple who bite it than who just see it .

Education System, What should be -page2

There is no point of overload of books. You can not learn lots of things within a short time. Even if you learn a lot in short time you will also forget those in short time.

So Give student time. Build their curious mind to know more. they will automatically learn more and more and more importantly they will use their learnings in real life.

Education System, What should be -page1

Let student think what should be done or needed to be. Student should try by themselves. If they come out with some useless or wrong answers by trying that would be great.

Ask your students about computer, some will say something about it, some will not, some will ask you to talk about it . You dont answer them, give them opportunity to try. Tell them to try to search by themselves. Do not force or pressure them ever. make them curious if you can and give them time. When they try they must ask questions to their parents or friends or other acquaintances. that is the sprite you are looking forward to. after few days you ask them again about computer or answer them.

Education System, What should be

How many lessons you can remember when you are in primary or secondary school. I know you almost forget everything. Now you are adult, what kind of lessons you need in order to live a sound and peaceful life ? ask yourself. Answer is you need some practical and experiential knowledge. You know, a person who only read a book about how to ride a bicycle never can ride it without practically trying.

What is Business? Know it first

First you have to invest then you can earn. Buy something people want to have then change the place from where you bought it. Then sell it by increasing the value of it.

So Simple !
Actually bussiness is nothing but selling time, place, efficiency, experience, thought etc.

In the above situation you are actually selling place. So, How you can sell time? Let you have a piece of land now its value 10000$ after one or two year its value will increase. So you are actually selling time.

So if you are thoughtfull enough you can sell your thought too.

So let summarise it. Your item could be any goods but think about time, pleace, experience etc before starting business

A. C. Barman

Hair cutting machine Idea

The recent Corona Pandemic Situation make me think about it. Idea is simple, we need a iron fish net according to our head shape to make a head cap ( Strainer type head cap). This head cap must be placed over the hair occupying area about one inch above (according to style). for supporting it you may use thin rudder stick (as spike). head will hold it.
Now over this iron fishnet use vacuum pump. Concave down shape bowl can be added for better suction. It will raise the hair straight through the net hole. then set a mechanical scissor which will cut hair (many pattern can be set for cutting purpose). we can mount the scissor in iron net or adding another layer.

For supporting the whole system and protection we can use extra rubber on the top of our ear

Light become Dark

Lets think about Sound, After sudden frequency we can not hear it. We have hearing range ( 20 to 20,000 Hz ) within which we can hear. Likewise When Source light become more and more strong it becomes more difficult for our eye or cameras to process it. So it looks dark.

You may think that powerful light must damage our eye. But I am not talking about that. What I want to say is that The light from where it emitting (the source) must overcome something or some properties that we or our camera can not process it.

You may take an example- TV remote control Light

( It is my thought only )
Actually I am pointing on so called blackhole. blackhole emits light but some light property may be destroyed or supper increased that it become dark to us.