You have your own theory or idea or experience or style but Hesitated to express if people laugh at. It could be world winning theory or style , who knows! so reveal it with name or without, Let people know it at least.

Tell everybody about your wish. Get greetings.


dewdoor require your name, id (may be email ), country name, your skill info. Dewdoor strongly request "do not post or express any personal info which you do not want to publish publicly"

Express yourself

* Anybody can Wish.

* Skill, education, knowledge, Lifestyle, Food, Fashion, Occasion, Celebration, etc. are allowed .

* political or religious post or talk are not allowed.

* Offensive or abusive post must not be allowed.

* Anything which hurt others must not be allowed.

* Pornography never allowed . If any user try to do it will be blocked.

* Or Any kind of work that disturb dewdoor users will not be granted. decision is final.

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