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Make Your device healthy


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Make Your device healthy;

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Mobile balance disappear !!

You may notice that mobile balance is reducing by 2 or 5 tk in every 24 hour. But you don't know why? One reason behind this issue is internet. Clicking unknown link in internet some unexpected service start in mobile.

So check your balance regularly and if you caught by that then call your operator to stop it and moreover be careful.
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" Android.process.media " problem and solution
It is better way to overcome the problem.

Step 1. Settings => Account => google => (select your gmail. for example examp@gmail.com) => Turn off everything.

Step 2. Now again go to Settings => apps => (slide two time from left to right you will get "all" ) All => media storage (disable it and clear the data of it). then back and find " download manager "(disable it and clear the data of it)

Step 3. Restart the phone

Step 4. Turn on everything you have done in step 1.

Settings => apps => (slide three time from left to right you will get "
DISABLED ") DISABLED => enable the " media storage " and " download manager "

Wish It will help you.
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Screen pink out

Sometime monitor becomes pink. Everything is ok but the screen color is not .
Do not worry. Just check your power connection. Ensure power is connected properly to your computer.
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DNS Probe Finished No Internet problem's solution

Sometime your browsers will not work although your internet connection is ok.
In this case follow the steps to overcome your problem

1. windows start menu=> search => type " emd " => you will get " Command Prompt " apps.
2.Open " command prompt" as administrator (by right click you will get "run as administrator")
3.you will see a black window. type at the end of the bottom line " netsh winsock reset "
4. Click " enter button ".
5. this will give you a successful message. Restart your computer. that's all.

Do not forget to wish me
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Earning with Google or Youtube !!!

Lots of people Think that Google Adsense is good for earning money. Ok first of all it is true that you can get money from them but problem is how much!!! The money they will give you after certain time will not fulfil your need. Moreover you have to spent lots of time behind this.
Same kind of sentences are also applicable for Youtube.
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For computer related Assistance

You can ask for help. Advice free.
Need more than this then do not hesitated to call me
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Android.process.media problem and solution

This is an annoying problem. It has a solution
First Go, Settings => Apps => Alll
then clear Data of the following three apps
1.Google play services
2. Google play store
2.Google services framework

It works for me, hope this will help you.