It was the day before the last day of project paper submission. Every things was ready. The Discussion part of the paper was completed with a lots of help of my supervisor and I wrote that discussion as a (.doc) file carrying in a Pen-drive.

So there was no problem at all. But it arose when I subconsciously deleted the Discussion (.doc) file. What I do? What I do ? I asked help from my engineer friend to regain the deleted file from Pen-drive, but I got no solution from him. I download a lots of software to regain it, still no solution. The situation become worst when my supervisor wanted to check it before final submission. No project paper submission no graduation degree !

What do you do in this position?

I am neither a cold blooded man nor a Phlegmatic. But truly speaking at that time I was totally calm and quiet. After exposing this matter I got help from other teachers. My supervisor was calm and quiet. Nobody rebuke me but I was rebuking myself controlling my emotion and temper.

Next day I got a new discussion file from my supervisor. After that I completed my graduation.

So hold your breath and be calm and quiet when you fall in trouble. It works.