10/3 =3.3333.... meter
what ever the scale is it is true.
think about it. it is obvious that you can cut 10 meter line into 3 equal pieces by any means. But in length each piece is 3.33.... meter, according to number it is endless, but the fact is that 3 pieces has end.

you can think many. I just give you one of my many thinking.

Think about The Big Bang. After it whole Universe is expanding with immense speed. Now is it endless ?

In one piece of the line 3.333... it looks like endless, but is it ?

think deeply
adding layer upon layer of 3 the 3.3 makes 3.3333.......
In this way it is endless but in another way it is end able (because you can cut 10 meter line into exactly three equal pieces )
So the universe in our way or you may thing in our dimension it is endless, because adding layer upon layer of space or time or event it is expanding.
But in another way or dimension it is not endless (may be it is like the one piece of a 10 meter line in that dimension).

Universe endless or not

Creating infinity