This is a story of a girl. It could be yours also.

Skipping the real name, Lets say Lina. She was a promising girl, She was so naive that She never thought about her surroundings. Giving no effort she won a beauty contest (local). After few days later A man came to her and said, "do you like to take a tour in my Car (of course that car was more than gorgeous)". She was so fantasized that She could not deny it. On the tour the man offer her a privet photoshoot Session. After that lots of people came with lots of offers. She denied those. One day a bad company ( I think you understand what I mean) came to her and offer her huge amount of money for a Photo only ( this "a photo means a photo without fiber"). they said just One picture thats it. She denied. Another day another company came with same offer but this time money was so huge that Lina thought "what happen! only one photo ! why not?"

She never tried to know about her surroundings. She did not realize once she perform in "A photo" offer she will exposed in whole internet. And obscene photo of her will please others not her. they may offer you huge money for the very first "a photo" but after that they never respect you, money will be decreased drastically. Not only this, you will automatically engaged with pornography. there will be no friends and family.
They will allure you for the very first start. And once you start you are gone.

question everything and everybody, know from start to end.
Please be careful, be safe

Allurement Bad

Bad happen when Unconscious