What has the great importance?

You know some great people and you always admire them.
I don’t. Even I do not want to give them any credit. I am telling you why.

We had been using dynamite in good and bad purpose both since Alfred Nobel invented it long time ago. Think about invention of electricity, what it gives us is outstanding. But it also has bad effect on us. You can go farther more like the invention of Fire. No one can deny the importance of it. All are invented for one purpose that is to serve the humanity in both positive and negative way.

Dynamite is still there for destruction in our society in a negative way. Why it is still there? Because some of us think it is useful to them for domination.

So from the above discussion what is the main focal point? I think it is our mind set. How we set our mind is one and only cause for everything. Every great invention or inventor gets value when we set our mind in a positive way to it.
Now whom you give the credit? the inventor or the invention or me (just kidding)

Actually credit goes to our Mind Set (thought)

If mind set is ok then all gets worth